Face, Mystic Adept


Persephone (Elf Mystic Adept)
B 3, A 3, R 3, S 2, C 6, I 4, L 4, W 5, E 2, Ess 6, M 5, M 2, M 3, Init 7, IP 1
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 10/11
Transys Avalon Commlink Condition Monitor: 10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 9/5
Skills: Con 2 (Fast Talk + 2), Disguise 2, Dodge 2, Etiquette 2 (Social Elite + 2), Leadership 2, Negotiation 2 (Diplomacy + 2), Perception 2, Pistols 2, Spellcasting 6, Unarmed Combat 1
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics 1, Corporate Security Procedures 1, Criminal Organizations 1, Current Events 1, English N, Entertainment News 1, German 4, Japanese 4, Profiling 1, Psychology 1, Russian 4, Seattle Street Gangs 1, Spanish 4
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision
Qualities: Big Regret, Distinctive Style (1): Antique Watch Choker, First Impression, Lost Loved One (9dicepool (2)), Mystic Adept, Poor Self Control – Braggart, Sensitive System
Spells: Alter Memory (limited), Control Emotions (limited), Decrease Agility (limited), Decrease Willpower (limited), Influence (limited), Mind Probe (limited), Physical Mask (limited), Translate (limited)
Adept Powers: Kinesics (3), Voice Control
   Anastasia Baranov with Fake SIN, Passport, Vehicle Operation
   Aranel Dae’Lenn with High Lifestyle
   Bracelet Fetish
   Camera, Micro
   Certified Credstick
   Contact Lenses (3) with Image Link
   Earring Fetish
   Earring Fetish
   False-Bottomed Attache Case
   Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit
   Kitsuane Hakitori with Fake SIN, Passport, Vehicle Operation
   Monica Fuentes with Fake SIN, Passport, Vehicle Operation
   Natalia Dietrich with Fake SIN, Passport, Vehicle Operation
   Neckalce Fetish
   Piercing Fetish
   Power Focus (2)
   Ring Fetish
   Ring Fetish
   Ring Fetish
   Transys Avalon Commlink with Analyze (1), Browse (1), Encrypt (1), Environmental Resistance: Water, Iris Orb Operating System
   Walther PB-120 [Pistols, DV 4P vs. B, SA, RC 1, 10 ©] with Custom Look (1), Personalized Grip
   Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 6P vs. I]
   Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 1S vs. I]



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